Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Elite Dangerous Store Page. Global Achievements. Im looking to do some bounty hunting and recently bought myself an anaconda. I have lots of experience with bounty hunting in smaller ships vulture and clipper but wanted to try out a massive destroyer like ship.

I have a basic idea for how to outfit it, but was looking for anyone who has a PvE bounty hunting build that works for them? Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. Lei View Profile View Posts. I suggested this for someone else just yesterday.

Fill the empty slots as you wish. Last edited by Lei ; 12 Mar, pm. Abioticlime View Profile View Posts. A rating everything except for Life support D and sensors D and reactive composite armor.

Elite Dangerous Exploration Ship Builds Guide

I have 5 shield boosters that are thermal resistance and the hull reinforcements are a mixture of kinetic and thermal resistance. That is what I remember so far. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 12 Mar, pm.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Install Steam. Store Page. Elite Dangerous Store Page. Global Achievements. So i have got million credits and me and my friend would like to go exploring in the galaxy. However I don't know what ship is best and what the best internals are. I am wanting a rover and both a advanced scanner and a detailed surface scanner onboard. Any suggestions?

Showing 1 - 15 of 90 comments. For about you can do an Anaconda.

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Exploration ships aren't really that expensive since you're trying to minimize weight and you don't really need anything of great performance except an FSD, and fuel scoop. About half of that 60 mil for the Asp X is the fuel scoop which is like 30 million.

What you really need is good engineering. Engineering will get you the most of out your ship. Although there are a couple of ships with better jump ranges than the Asp X, I think the asp hits that sweet spot of everything you really need and a great view in VR. The diamondback explorer is cheap and will have slightly better jump range, but sacrafices all kinds of "nice to have" modules.

The Anaconda also has slightly better jump range and lets you bring anything and everything you would ever want, but sacrafices a great VR view. Before you go, decide what is it you want to do. Do you want to go somewhere far?

Do you want to use the neutron highway? Do you want to scan lots of things when you get to your destination? Build and engineer your ship to suit the goal of your trip. Last edited by Turd Ferguson ; 3 Jan, am.Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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After grinding passenger missions out at Ceos, and making roughly million credits, we headed to BZ Ceti to purchase our Anacondas. The outfitting we decided on, which can be seen at Coriolis. Then we downsized each as much as we dared, settling on a 4D power plant, 5D thrusters, and 7D Power Distributor.

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This outfitting gets us close to our 45LY jump range, coming in jump above 36LY when unladen. So now that we have our ships and have unlocked Felicity requirements can be seen herethe next step is to collect the materials needed to perform the required upgrades. As can be seen below, Chemical Processors, Chemical Distillery, and Chemical Manipulators are all needed along with Wake info and basic Materials: So that's we we stand at the moment, needing to go out and find these materials so we can engineer our drives.

If you have any suggestions on good spots to find said materials, please don't hesitate to share them below!

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anaconda ship build

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Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Turnspit Start date Feb 23, Cheers everyone!

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After hoarding something around Mil. Credits I'm ready to jump from my trusty Gunship to a Conda. What do you guys think, any advice on how to improve sth.? Still unsure about the Utility Mount loadout There are also thermal, kinetic and explosive focused boosters that may be easier to get resources for check Inara for details, weapons look fine although I consider fitting energy turrets in the small hardpoints for small agile targets.

Gavin Burke. Turnspit said:. Last edited: Feb 23, I've been playing around with several Gunship builds recently, the first was 7 x grade 5 rapid fire m-cannon, very effective as the weapons array will run on 1 - 1.

Reverted back to the Gunship. It's all Multicannon, loads of damage and loads of fun. Engineered with increased ammo to last longer, Incendiary on all MC but the small ones, which have Corrosive.

Also some other small engineering mods for increased shields, but nothing much worth mentioning. How is your build holding up? I'm starting one soon. Do you need the SCBs with biweaves? I've got a load of od shield boosters to use up too! Going beams mostly on my Anaconda but unsure if I need the biggest power plant and have to see if efficiency keeps heat down.Ships are the central feature of Elite Dangerousand are used to traverse space and perform a variety of different tasks.

There are a variety of designs to suit various roles. Many ships were inspired by the classic wireframe and polygonal models of previous Elite games. Each ship has access to a range of different modules which they can fit to help specialize as traderssmugglersbounty hunterspiratesetc.

All ships have been designed with the ship interiors in mind and for future gameplay opportunities. Initially, there was a planned total of 30 playable ships with multiple variants in addition to some non-playable ships. All commanders begin the game with a Sidewinder MkI.

The player may upgrade components or purchase an entirely new ship based upon their needs and available funds. New ships can only be purchased at Stations with the Shipyard service, and modules can only be changed or upgraded at stations with the Outfitting service. People can join other ships as a hologram with multicrew. Nearly all ships and stations are standard fitted with the GalNet system for market information, galactic news and communication.

All ships available to players are presented below. Some ships require attaining a specific rank with the Federal or Imperial navies before they can be purchased.

anaconda ship build

Small ships are designed to dock with small Landing Pads. The following spacecraft can be purchased by players, but are not classified as conventional ships. Ship-Launched Fighters can only be deployed from Fighter Hangars installed on suitable ships. They cannot be customised in Outfitting apart from their Livery, and they lack their own Frame Shift Drives. Capital Ships are large jump-capable ships that cannot be directly piloted by the player. Capital Ship owners can customise their vessels' available services and Livery.

All Internal Compartments are Cargo Racks. Power Plant is the lightest available with sufficient power. A-Class everything, Bulkheads as Reactive Surface Composite which is the most expensive part of a ship. Hardpointsutility mounts and internal compartments empty except Shield Generator which is highest possible size.

Core Internal Compartments. Optional Internal Compartments. Multipurpose ships are a jack-of-all-trades in that they can easily be fitted for whatever role the player needs; whether it be hauling cargo, ship-to-ship combat, or exploring the starsmultipurpose ships can do it all. Multipurpose ships usually can do most jobs just as well if not better than comparable ships targeted towards those jobs. They, while considered multipurpose, sometimes lean into a more specialized role.

The EDSY v3 preview has concluded.

Combat ships are usually faster, more agile and more heavily armed than other ships of the same size. The exception to this would be gun boats, which have more weapon mounts designed for turrets, but sacrifice their agility for them. Freighters are typically slow, cumbersome and lightly armed, but provide extreme hauling capabilities.

Useful for traders and smugglers alike. Exploration ships typically come with large default jump ranges, large Fuel Tanks for ships of their size, and should be fitted with lots of low class Internal Compartments for scanners to optimize jump distance. These ships are designed to be able to equip the multitude of scanning equipment needed for an expedition, then fly long distances into the void without the need for regular refuelling through the use of Fuel Scoops.

Couriers who fly passengers and valuable items with small storage requirements have a special class of ships available to them. These ships are elegant and fast, designed to quickly and comfortably get from one system to the next. You can think of them as giant space-limousines.

We're designing all the ships with the interiors in mind. How the cargo is unloaded all of that sort of thing, how damage occurs. That's because another thing we are doing is, again down the line, is that you will be able to walk around inside your ship.The pride of FauIcon deLacy's shipyards. So hardy is the Anaconda, some smaller navies use It In lieu of a frigate or light cruiser. The ship can also be upgraded with a docking bay.

The Anaconda is a ship manufactured by Faulcon DeLacy. A ponderous yet highly versatile vessel that excels in multiple roles, the Anaconda was originally produced by RimLiner Galactic and debuted in The template eventually came into Faulcon DeLacy's possession following a series of mergers, and only minor changes have been made to the classic design.

It is the third most expensive ship available on the market, behind only the Federal Corvette and the Imperial Cutter. While the Federal Corvette is specialized for combat, and the Imperial Cutter is a multipurpose ship with exceptional cargo capacity, the Anaconda can be competitively adapted for combatminingtradingor exploration as necessary.

Some smaller navies use the Anaconda in the light cruiser and frigate roles. It also has the highest potential jump range after Engineeringmaking it the best choice for long-distance journeys.

Boasting 8 weapon hardpointsthe Anaconda is a formidable combat ship. Turreted and gimballed mounts are recommended due to the ship's relatively stiff handling. Defensively, the Anaconda is extremely sturdy when customized for survivability.

anaconda ship build

It has 8 utility mounts, tied for the highest of any ship in the game, and its potent Class 8 power plant allows a Shield Generatora Shield Cell Bank and multiple Shield Boosters to be activated simultaneously whilst still having enough output leftover to comfortably power the weapons and other systems. Even if the shields fail, the Anaconda has a base armor strength of and a large number of optional internal compartments give plenty of room to install Hull or Module Reinforcement Packages to stack even more protection.

Last but not least, should the need to retreat arise, the Anaconda's Mass Lock Factor of 23 means it can be masslocked only by itself, a Federal Corvette, Imperial Cutter, or a Type Defenderso it can escape from other vessels with relative ease.

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Statistically speaking, the Anaconda is the single best exploration ship in the game. With a staggering jump range of However, the Diamondback Explorer has slightly better range without Engineering, as well as a much lower price and rebuy, and a much smaller footprint for landing in rough terrain.

What places the Anaconda a notch above ships like the Diamondback Explorer is its much larger optional internal capacity and its incomparable maximum jump range of 84 LY.

Its large fuel tank and ability to fit a Class 7 Fuel Scoop top it off as an impressive vessel for exploration. The only drawbacks are its size, which can make finding a suitable landing spot on a planetary surface bothersome, and its slow turning rate in Supercruise which can make moving around stars and black holes a harrowing experience for unwary pilots.

The Anaconda also makes for a fantastic minerable to fit a large amount of potential Mining Lasers as well as plenty of space for Limpets and cargo holds. Its ability to mount a Fighter Hangar for Ship-Launched Fighters coupled with great self-defense potential means the Anaconda fits the role very well.

Overall, the Anaconda excels as a multi-role ship, and is only surpassed by more specialised vessels. The major downsides of the ship are its sub-par speed and maneuverability, as well as the high cost for outfitting and maintenance: prices for less essential modules will easily exceed 1 million credits, and the most expensive modules such as the power plant can run upwards of a hundred million credits.

AXI Anaconda Build

The repair fees for the Anaconda are also relatively high, since repair costs are calculated based on the purchase price of the ship and its modules, and so it is usually cheaper to repair an Anaconda's modules using an Auto Field-Maintenance Unit. As total outfitting costs can exceed half a billion credits for a combat-focused build, hunting for discounts is strongly recommended.

The Anaconda's bridge is located on the top of the ship roughly at its midpoint. The pilot's seat is positioned in the center of the bridge, with co-pilot seats on either side.Anaconda still best all-round ship? And it can explore and have Fighter- and land exploration bays as well.

Is that still valid? Oh and one more: To reach the Anaconda, I would need some million credits more. Any hints for a good credit source at the moment? CGs are weird, Pirate Kill Missions inexistent And are there still Anacondas with discount somewhere? Re: Anaconda still best all-round ship? Rename your screen shots automatically!

They have given the following roles per ship. They will all cost round about a billion credits to fully kit out to the specs I'd want. The Anaconda is probably my best fit, it's a larger version of my old swiss-army knife, the Python. Even more important, I don't have the ranks to obtain either the Cutter or Corvette, whereas the Anaconda is only interested in my bank balance. Been playing a bit with a rat hunter setup.

Its a bit tight on power and I would have liked a bigger PDS. But it should be ok. If you buy it all in diaguandri or other li yong rui controlled systems, saving you at least 40 mil from regular price. I have both a Corvette and a conda, and tried the cutter in beta, and sure its got a lot of cargo but it handles like the great white whale on ice skates.

I honestly found it less friendly to fly than a type 9. Yet I have to get over teh sacrifice of my Python, since I opten heard a Conda is really your basic barn to steer. How do you Combat Conda pilots fly your biggies? You will bang into a few asteroids but the shields should cope.

Colonia Ship Builds

If at all possible I would try to hang on to the hull of the python since a python. And selling it and rebuying later costs you 5 mil, granted that's not a lot, but I felt a little attached to my Donna so don't regret doing this when I bought my first conda.

If you need to make money i would try shadow long range deliveries in an asp I assume you have one for ratting atmor you can run a trade setup in the conda but trading while rafting is probably not a good idea since most of the time your ship will be stuffed with about mil cargo, selling that off before rescue would be the same as now with the python, making the upgrade fairly pointless.

Hey I'm Thor - People call me Bob. Rule 1: Pillage. Then burn. Rule 2: No such thing as overkill, as long as there are reloads. Any hint where to best get the long range shadow missions? They have gotten a bit riskier with 2. My build is focused on cargo, guns, and shields, so you could definitely go lighter, though I'm not sure you'd want to if you are res hunting.

The Anaconda is a serious killing machine in the res, with all the weapons and shields that it carries. But it is far from being as maneuverable as the Python and certainly takes some getting used to. If you want to do multi roll with hunting and rat work, there's going to be some compromise in the build. You should still be able to make it do very well in the res, but you will suffer on jump range, no doubt. Jump to.

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